Refund & Exchange Policy


(1.1) Customers may vary or cancel the order up to the point in time that uelife88 has commenced processing the order. Cancellation fee applies. 

(1.2) Subject to the Customer’s consent, uelife88 may substitute a Product for another similar Product if the initial Product ordered by the Customer is unavailable.

(1.3) If there is no prior consent from the customer for a substitution, no substitution shall be made.


(2.1) Not all pictures of Products on this site will correspond exactly to Product description. In such cases the written description of the Product is more accurate. The Customer shall not be entitled to return a Product simply because it does not correspond exactly to its on-line product pictures.

(2.2) uelife88 shall use its best efforts to ensure that orders are correctly fulfilled and shall deal with any discrepancies in the following manner, provided they are reported either by e-mail, WhatsApp, FB messenger or Website (either one) by the next working day of delivery of the Products:

(2.2.a) uelife88 shall either refund the value a Product, or replace the Product to the Customer in the following cases:

– Product has been delivered in a damaged condition,

– Product has expired,

– Product which was ordered and invoiced is not included in the delivery or

– A wrong Product is delivered

(2.2.b) If any Product which was not included in the Customer’s order is delivered by error, uelife88 reserves the right to collect the wrong Product.

(2.2.c) If the Customer has been charged for a Product which has not been delivered, uelife88 shall refund to the Customer the value of that Product as originally charged.

(2.2.d) If a Customer is charged more than the value of a Product, uelife88 shall refund to the Customer the difference.

(2.3) Refunds shall be made by way of cheque payment which shall be mailed by uelife88 to the Customer or funds transfer or in the form of cash.

(2.4) All replacements of Products shall be affected in the shortest time possible from the time of the Customer making the request for replacement.


Kindly drop us an email ( or WhatsApp to 016-492 7035 & attach clear snapshots of copy invoice, nature of defect & product batch code.


Note: You will be required to return the goods by depositing the defective product to us. We will not accept returned goods that are almost empty. If you are unable to return the goods (empty or already thrown out), no product exchange will be rendered.



This Refund & Exchange Policy is effective as of 1 September 2021.


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